Late Fees And Extensions

 Do you charge late fees?

Yes, we do charge late fees. We have a zero tolerance policy for being late and there is no grace period. The charge late fees is 1/4 of the weekly rate per day with a minimum of $20 per day no matter what you have rented. The reason for the late fee is that this forces us to incur exorbitant shipping costs when we have to turn around and overnight it to the next customer. This is not always the case, so please just email us or call us and let us know your situation. We hate to charge late fees as much as you hate to get billed for them. If you need to extend or are going to be late, please call or email us. We will work with you. Anything over three days late will be billed for the full amount of the item. If you drop off your return after the last UPS pickup time and it does not get picked up by UPS, it will be considered late. Call the UPS facility or UPS Store to find out what time their last pickup time is.

 Can I extend my rental?

Yes, just simply email or call us to let us know you would like to extend. If we can do the extension, pending no prior reservations, we will give you a cost to extend and bill the card on file. It is less expensive to extend than it is to incur late fees, so just give us a call. We are here to help and work with you.