Rent a Alien Bees 13-foot Air-Cushioned Stand

The TS13AC rental is the air-cushioned version of our 13-foot stand, providing the same heavy duty use with an additional air-cushioned release. The air cushion provides added support for heavier accessories, and offers a slower release when adjusting the stand height with accessories in place.

The TS13AC is a 13-foot maximum height, 4-section light stand, with a 44-inch maximum footprint. This stand is suitable to hold all Paul C. Buff™ lights, including heavy accessories such as softboxes and octaboxes. This stand weighs a total of 7 pounds, collapsing to 42.25 inches for travel.

The stand is crafted with anodized aluminum tubing for maximum support, with oversized easy-grip knobs for adjustment. The wide base diameter offers complete stability with double-bar brace reinforcers for strength. Flash units are mounted with the standard 5/8-inch brass mount, with 1/4-20 studs tightly anchored for a solid, secure holding.


Min. Height 42.5 inches
Max. Height 13 feet
Max. Footprint 44 inches
Collapsed Length 42.5 inches
Total Weight 5 pounds
Weight Held
Alien Bees 13-foot Air-Cushioned Stand rental


Light Stand

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$28.00 / 7 Days


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Alien Bees 13-foot Air-Cushioned Stand
Duration:  7 days.

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