Rent a Alien Bees ABR800 Ringflash

The AlienBees ABR800 rental is a powerful, self-contained ringflash system designed to meet the challenges of the new-generation creative professional photographer. It is extremely compact, lightweight and easy to use with professional or semi-professional cameras having lenses up to 4 inches in diameter. A studio ringflash is an invaluable and instantly favorite tool of the professional photographer due to its ability to produce essentially shadow-free lighting, revealing unique catchlights in the eyes of subjects when used with fashion and portrait work.

The ABR800 has adjustable output from full power (320 Ws) down to 1/32nd of the total power (10 Ws). This flashpower is adjusted on the back control panel with a slide fader, capable of adjusting in whole f-stop increments and everywhere in between. When adjusted from a higher to a lower setting, the unit will automatically dump the excess power for accurate output.

Meeting the myriad needs of professional photographers, the ABR800 offers three mounting / operation options: tripod mounting, light stand mounting and hand-held use. With the tripod mounting option, both the camera and ringflash or just the ringflash can be attached to your tripod with the built-in, bottom-flush tripod mount. With the light stand mounting option, both the camera and ringflash or just the ringflash can be attached to your light stand with the built-in, swivel stand mount. Additionally, the lightweight design of the ABR800 makes hand-holding ideal - you can use the mounting post as a handle or hold the bracket in the palm of your hand.

With precision voltage regulated circuits supplying consistent output, the ABR800 boasts true what-you-see-is-what-you-get modeling lamp accuracy. The eight modeling lamps, positioned in a ring around the flashtubes, can be set to full brightness, turned completely off, or set to track the power changes. Furthermore, the lamps may be used to indicate recycle, dimming when the unit is recycling, and coming back on to let you know when the unit is fully recycled and you are ready to shoot again. Ready for heavy-duty, all-day shooting, the ringflash has a built-in cooling fan to keep up with the fast recycle.

The ABR800 arrives with a sync cord allowing you to connect your camera to the unit to trigger the flash. The unit additionally has a built-in slave tripper to allow wireless firing. The unit has standard 120 Vac (50-60 Hz) power requirements and arrives with our 15-foot down-angle power cord to connect to a standard, grounded outlet for power.

Both versatile and indestructible, the AlienBees ringflash is housed in high-impact Lexan polycarbonate (the same material used for bullet-proof glass).


True Wattseconds 320 Ws
Lumenseconds 14,000 Ls
Power Variability 6 f-stops (full to 1/32)
Recycle to 100% 1 second
Flash Duration (t.5) 1/2000 second (at full power)
Power Requirements 120 Vac, 50-60 HZ
Average Current Draw 6 amps average current
Sync / Trigger Voltage less than 6 volts (safe for use with digital cameras)
Modeling Lamp set of eight 10-watt, 24-volt modeling lamps supplied (300 - 500 hour lifespan)
Flashtube two 10mm half-circle, 6-inch diameter user-replaceable flashtubes supplied
(250,000 to 1,000,000 flash lifespan)
Stand Mount fits stands up to 5/8"
Tripod Mount fits standard tripods
Umbrella Mount fits poles up to 3/8" (with supplied umbrella adaptor)
Standard Reflector 10ABR/R 10-inch Ring Reflector
Weight 2.5 pounds
Dimensions 8” (diameter) x 4.5” (depth) with just the diffuser
10” (diameter) x 6” (depth) with the ring reflector
4" center hole
Alien Bees ABR800 Ringflash rental


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