Rent a Alien Bees Barndoor

The LMBD4 LiteMod™ Barn doors open and close to throw the light in the direction of your choice. The sturdy metal doors have a wide range of motion to open and close fully. With four doors, you can angle your light for spot lighting, hair lighting, and back lighting.

As the LMBD4 LiteMod™ Barn doors are part of the LiteMod™ system, when used with the UMF LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe, they can be used in conjunction with the honeycomb grids, gels and filters. The barn doors do not, however, require the mainframe.


Alien Bees Barndoor

Alien Bees Barndoor rental


Barn Doors

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Alien Bees Barndoor
Duration:  7 days.

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