Rent a Alien Bees Honeycomb Grids

Our honeycomb grids for the 7AB/R 7-inch Silver Field Reflector are available in four sizes, taking the 80º beam spread on the 7-inch reflector down to 10º (HG10), 20º (HG20), 30º (HG30) or 40º (HG40). The grids can be used in both 7AB/R and the UMF LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe.

The HGX4 set includes all four of the honeycomb grids available in this size: the HG10, HG20, HG30 and HG40 grids.

A single grid snaps directly into the recessed outer lip on the reflector (or mainframe). When mounting the grid, leaving the tab (with the beam width size label) sticking out allows you to use the tab to pull the grid out of the reflector when you are ready to remove it.


Grid Compatible Reflector Beam Spread with Grid Coverage at 1-foot Distance Coverage at 5-foot Distance Coverage at 10-foot Distance
HG10 7AB/R or UMF 10° 6 inches 12 inches 24 inches
HG20 7AB/R or UMF 20° 12 inches 24 inches 48 inches
HG30 7AB/R or UMF 30° 18 inches 36 inches 72 inches
HG40 7AB/R or UMF 40° 24 inches 48 inches 96 inches
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Alien Bees Honeycomb Grids
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