Rent a Alien Bees Octabox

The Alien Bees Octabox rental provides a soft, diffused output that evenly covers your subject with a gorgeous wash of light. These are compatible with the Alien Beens B800 strobes. The interior is a highly reflective silver surface that bounces the light evenly through the translucent white front diffusion panel. Each box additionally arrives with a second internal baffle for double-diffusion, attaching inside the box to create even softer results.

Each fold-able box is crafted with an opaque black exterior shell having a recessed front lip where the white diffusion panel attaches. This recessed lip helps minimize lens flare and is additionally designed to hold a grid.


Size 35" diameter
Depth 15.5"
Collapsed Length 24"
Weight 5 pounds
Alien Bees Octabox rental



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$32.00 / 7 Days


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Alien Bees Octabox
Duration:  7 days.

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