Rent a Alien Bees Snoot

The LMSNT LiteMod™ Snoot was developed primarily for product photographyas it provides intense local light control. Designed for the LiteMod™System, the snoot requires the UMF LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe to attach to the front plate of your flash unit, and can be used in conjunction with the filters and gels.

The long, narrow snoot will put out a narrow beam of light that willdirectly illuminate a small surface. The pattern is a 20º circle, the same as the HG20 20º honeycomb grid. (Light loss is about 3.5 f-stops.)


LiteMod Accessory Dimensions
UMF LiteMod™ Unit Mainframe 8.3125" square (width / height) x 5.5" (depth)
LMSNT LiteMod™ Snoot 8" square (width / height) x 7" (depth)
LMBD4 LiteMod™ Barndoors collapsed: 9" square (width / height) x 1.5" (depth)
GELH Gel Holders 8.25" (width) x 18" (height)
folds in half to 8.25" (width) x 9" (height)
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Alien Bees Snoot
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