Rent a Canon CP-E4 Battery Pack

The Canon Compact Battery Pack CP-E4 rental improves flash recycle times significantly and increases the number of firings before batteries need to be replaced.

The pack takes the optional CPM-E4 rapid-change Battery Magazine that serves as a replacement or backup battery. It can be loaded with 8 AA-size batteries - alkaline, lithium, or Ni-MH - prior to a shoot to ensure fast and smooth transitions from one battery set to the next - important in critical shooting situations or to keep up momentum in the studio.

Updated from the earlier version, the CP-E3, the CP-E4 has been improved with better dust and moisture sealing at the contact points, to get it to match the weather-resistance characteristics of the 600EX-RT and 580EX II Speedlites.


Weight 0.98 lb (446g) including 8 Ni-MH batteries
Canon CP-E4 Battery Pack rental


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Canon CP-E4 Battery Pack
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