Rent a DJI Osmo with Zenmuse X5

*You must select the lens or lenses that you want to rent with this. This does not come with an included lens.

*There is no damage waiver available on the gimbal. You are responsible for 100% of the cost to fix or replace

The Zenmuse X5 camera has Micro Four Thirds imaging performance and the benefits of an interchangeable lens system. This 4K camera system features an integrated 3-axis brushless gimbal that provides stabilization and enables the camera to move independently of the aircraft. In addition to video, the camera can take 16-megapixel still photos with the option for burst and time-lapse modes.


DJI Osmo with Zenmuse X5 rental


Osmo handle,Zenmuse X5, 3 batteries

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$149.00 / 7 Days


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DJI Osmo with Zenmuse X5
Duration:  7 days.

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