Rent a Nikon 2x II Teleconverter

The Nikon II 2x Teleconverter is an exceptional teleconverter optimized for use with FX and DX digital SLR cameras. It doubles the focal length of compatible Nikkor lenses. The 2x II is constructed of 7 elements in 5 groups and with Nikon's Integrated Coating (IC) you will see improved color and reduced flare. It has one aspherical lens element which virtually eliminates lens aberrations.

The 2x extender (also known as a teleconverter) will double the focal length of your existing lens, and will cut back the amount of light by 2 f-stops. For example, using this teleconverter with a 300mm lens will effectively increase the focal length to 600mm. A lens set to f/2.8 will now be f/5.6. Teleconverters are best used with longer telephoto lenses and are not recommended for lenses wider than 50mm, e.g. 28-105mm (35mm format).


Magnification 2x
Lens Elements/Groups 7/5
Light Loss 2 f/stops
Length Approx. 1.9" (48mm) extension from the camera's lens-mounting flange
Diameter Approx. 2.6" (66mm)
Weight Approx 11.6 oz (330 g)
Nikon 2x II Teleconverter rental


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Nikon 2x II Teleconverter
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